25% THC

Hells OG

House Strain


Hells is one of our prized OG Kush strains.

Flavor Notes

Hells has a very dank aroma with a nice sweet earthy smell to it that will fulfill any OG seekers. We recommend not smoking this strain during the day as it can be quite sedating to some.

How does it feel?

calming, relaxing, Heavy, I wanna get smacked

  • Type

  • Potency

  • Lineage

    OG Kush x Blackberry
  • Top 3 Terpenes

    d-Limonene, Myrcene, Nerolidol

Award Winner

Rooster Colorado Cup 3rd Place Indica

Staff Pick

Not for beginners! Affectionately known as the Daywrecker! This is a very nice night-time smoke for anyone to unwind the day.